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Top 5 Most Important Torrent Sites OF 2014

Top 5 Most Important Torrent Sites

Top 5 Most Important Torrent Sites

BitTorrent has become a hot application in the world wide web since 2004. It is a method presenting the exercise of peer-to-peer data file discussing used to spread high amounts of data over the web. Compared with conventional data file obtain, it is recognized by quicker data transfer rate due to more Leechers. The past years has had a increase in BitTorrent websites and customers online. They’re great locations to obtain films bit-torrent, songs bit-torrent, software, etc. However, which are the best bit-torrent sites? In this article, you’ll be provided with top 10 bit-torrent websites of 2014 which aid you to obtain newest films bit-torrent securely as well as songs, programs, games and others. This list is made in view of reputation, traffic position, quality of bit-torrent data files and other aspects.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Buccaneer Bay is the most popular bit-torrent sites for BitTorrent customers. It once went down because of lawful problems, sector desires and ISP blockades. However, it gets enhanced with a billion dollars page opinions monthly.
Torrent information provided: Songs, video clips (including films torrent), software, activities and others.
Features: It provides extensive sources which can be established easily. Torrent customers can set terminology as they like. But the data transfer rate may be its disadvantage.

Top 5 Most Important Torrent Sites

2. KickassTorrents

This top bit-torrent website was designed during 2009. Like above described top bit-torrent website TPB, it also once experienced sector problems and blockades. But these days it still goes on with amazing page opinions.
Torrent information provided: Films, lossless music, TV reveals, activities, programs, cartoons, guides, etc.
Features: What makes KickassTorrents special is the opinion and reviews system. Customers offer their suggestions and alerts after viewing the quality of torrents.


3. Torrentz


Torrentz is a free meta-search engine. Contrary to other popular bit-torrent websites, it indices bit-torrent information, such as latest film torrents from different websites. According to formal declaration, it can catalog 28,149,895 active torrents from 116,540,381 pages on 30 websites.


4. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is another best bit-torrent website in 2014. It also victories numerous customers. Thanks to well-organized categories, bit-torrent customers can easily look for what they want.
Torrents information include: Films, TV, music, software, games, cartoons, books, pictures, cell phones and so on.
Features: Lots of the bit-torrent information are from trusted and confirmed uploaders. This website offers large amount of information put up with each movie, screenshots included, which is useful in evaluating movie quality and installing movies bit-torrent.


5 :  EZTV

Unlike the other sites in the top 10, TV-torrent distribution group EZTV is a niche site specializing in TV content only. It was one of the newcomers last year despite being around for more than 7 years, and is relatively popular among Australians. Because of its focus on TV-content EZTV’s traffic varies in line with the TV-seasons.


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