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Inserting an Audio Player in Your Theme’s Template File

Step 1. Introduce the Audio Player Plugin

Get the sound player plugin from here.


Step 2. Utilize the PHP Code as a part of Your Template File

Alter your layout document and utilize the accompanying PHP code (where you need to embed the sound player).


$args = array('fileurl' => 'www.example.com/my-music/mysong.mp3');
echo sc_embed_player_handler($args);

You will need to utilize the right URL of the sound record that you need to install.

You can additionally pass extra player parameters like the accompanying illustration

$args = array('fileurl' => 'www.example.com/my-music/mysong.mp3', 'autoplay' => 'true', 'loops' => 'true');
echo sc_embed_player_handler($args);

The above code should embed a playable audio file that looks like the following:


PHP Code for Template 1

Use the following code if you want to use audio player template 1:

$args = array('fileurl' => 'www.example.com/my-music/mysong.mp3');
echo sc_embed_player_templater1_handler($args);

Alternative Code

You could also use the following PHP code instead of the one shown above:

<?php echo do_shortcode('[sc_embed_player fileurl="www.example.com/my-music/mysong.mp3"]'); ?>


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